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The first Bosphorus village on the European shore, north of the First Bosphorus Bridge. Before the First World War, this mile-long stretch boasted the most beautiful row of waterside palaces in the entire Ottoman world, that in their heyday must have rivalled Venice's Grand Canal. Sadly, they were all destroyed in the early 20th century, many of them replaced by coal bunkers. Clubland took over in the 1990s, which was hardly better, but two yalıs have since been rebuilt, and it is after all a good place to park your yacht (dresscode applies).

Getting there

A five-minute drive from Ortaköy, but no longer served by the city ferry service. Boats run from the small Kuruçeşme Park to Galatasaray Island.

Getting around

The walk north of Ortaköy is a slog and not recommended, but waterside parks break the monotony. The village of Kuruçeşme inland of the the main road, is worth a ten-minute stroll.

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