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Sıdıka Meze

Şair Nedim Caddesi No. 38 Beşiktaş, Istanbul

Mon–Sat: 17.00–00.00

This fish restaurant, a cut above other places where you can eat fish in Beşiktaş, is welcoming and romantic and, most importantly, serves interesting food.

There are Aegean-style seafood and vegetarian mezes, whole fish dishes and a signature fish soup that is made only on Fridays. For the first-time goer, the meze plate of seven chef’s choices is highly recommended. Some standouts include the Armenian pilaki, a delicately prepared olive oil bean dish; the smoked eggplant; and the hot shrimp casserole with local clam, a hearty dish. Other mezes include olives stuffed with walnuts and marinated sea bass in mustard sauce – a step away from the usual cheese and spicy pepper dip offerings (although they have excellent versions of these as well).

There’s always a great fish of the day, but the restaurant’s recommended dish is a sea bass wrapped in grape leaves. The fish is perfectly grilled and the grape leaves are delicate and soft so they complement the fish perfectly. The wine is excellent too and staff can help you choose what to pair with your meal. The restaurant’s décor is undoubtedly inspired by Europe with wine bottles decorating the shelves and an old-school chalkboard with the day’s specials scribbled on.

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