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Beşiktaş Saturday market

Nüzhetiye Caddesi, Beşiktaş, Istanbul

Saturday, from dawn to dusk

The Saturday market in Beşiktaş is just as colourful as the neighbourhood. Over 400 stalls are set up in a multi-storey car park with the first floor catering to the food shoppers and the second floor catering to everyone else. The atmosphere is frenetic – vendors yell out to customers to come sample and buy their wares. Go early to avoid the crowds, but then again, observing the neighbourhood’s lively residents is one of the attractions.

The first floor is chock-a-block with fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables, cheeses, olives, just-hatched eggs, grains, pickles and a small fresh fish section. On the second floor, piles of clothes, rows of shoes, unique jewellery including knuckleduster rings and good-quality home textiles are on offer.

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