Sights | The Western Black Sea

  • Kastamonu’s İzbeli Konak

    İzbeli Çiftliği, Örencik Mahallesi, Kastamonu
    A 10-minute drive from the centre of Kastamonu. The konak is a private home and visits should be arranged in advance. +90 366 244 3645; +90 532 575 7752
  • Kasaba Mahmut Bey Mosque

    Kasaba Köyü, Kastamonu, Turkey
    Open during normal working hours. The mosque now has a full-time guard.
  • Beldeğirmen

    A few minutes' drive along the coast east of İnebolu, heading from Yakıören and Abana.
  • Yörük Köyü

    The Sipahioğlu Konak is open to the public as a museum. A small 'parking fee' is also payable to the foundation responsible for conservation on entering the village.
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