A History of Ottoman Architecture

By Godfrey Goodwin (1921–2005)
Published by Thames & Hudson

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‘He described to perfection the articulation of the parts of a building in the service of its principal element.’
Antonio Fernández-Puertas
Book Description

Godfrey Goodwin, who died in August 2005 at the age of 84, will be best remembered for A History of Ottoman Architecture, the classic 1971 study that persuaded the British art-history establishment to cast away its tired prejudices and give this great architecture the credit it was due. Along with with Gülru Necipoğlu’s Age of Sinan, this is one of the key reference books that every student of Ottoman architecture simply has to have in their library. Hats off to Thames & Hudson for keeping it in print. Not only is this huge tome encyclopaedic in its range and very affordable, it is full of useful photographs and the observations and reflections that made Goodwin such a delightful man to know. To know more about him, buy his memoirs, Life’s Episodes, as well – published locally in Istanbul.

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£30.00 / $37.41 / 212.40 TL

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