In the wake of Herodotus

The novelist Shirley Conran sets sail off Turkey’s southern shore visiting Symi, Didyma, Milas, Heracleia on Lake Bafa, the Lycian tombs of Teimiussa, the bay of Kekova, the temple of Zeus at Euromos, Ephesus and more…

Other Highlights from Cornucopia 8
  • The Vizier’s Retreat: The Kıbrıslı Yalı

    The Kibrisli Yali is one of the largest old summerhouses to survive on the Bosphorus. Its rambling architecture mirrors the fluctuating fortumes of the statesman who gave the house its name, and his colourful heirs. By Patricia Daunt with photographs by Jerome Darblay and Simon Upton.

  • Inside the Grand Bazaar

    Over the centuries, Istanbul’s Grand bazaar has acquired a justly legendary reputation as one of the most famous shopping emporiums in the world. Amicia de Moubray guides us through the maze. Photographs by Simon Upton

  • Youth Culture

    In the Anatolian highlands nomads still collect ant eggs, using them crushed as a yoghurt culture. Shepherds in the caucasus use a herb, while in the Taurus Mountains they curdle the goat’s milk with a fig branch.
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