Stifling the subversive street art of Banksy

‘The Art of Banksy’ exhibition at Global Karaköy takes the artist’s work out of context and packages it for consumers

By Emma Harper | February 11, 2016

A tube train approaches a station, tracks rattling noisily, the blinking headlamps blinding and the heavy metal carriages sending tremors through surrounding structures and human bodies alike. The experience of standing in a station as a train pulls in, an elemental aspect of city living, is difficult to duplicate. Just...
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A painterly tribute to Gezi

By Victoria Khroundina | July 28, 2015

On display until the end of summer is a 50-square metre painting paying tribute to the Gezi protests. It was on display on the terrace of the Istanbul Chamber of Architects in Karaköy until the end of June and will be shown in Kadıköy throughout August (watch this space for an update of the location)....
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Doco sheds light on Istanbul’s activist youth

By Victoria Khroundina | May 21, 2015

In 2013, the revered pop culture/music channel MTV launched a new series of documentaries, entitled Rebel Music. The idea behind the series was to highlight stories of young fearless musicians and artists around the world who are rising up against oppression in their respective countries. The series had its premiere last...
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The year that was…in pictures

By Victoria Khroundina | December 31, 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, I take a look at the year that was. In January, we announced that the Ancient & Modern award for original research has gone to Dr Peter Andrews (76), doyen of Asian tent studies, with Harriet Rix (23) taking the Godfrey Goodwin prize. Above,...
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Istanbul’s little shop of horrors

By Victoria Khroundina | April 5, 2014

Day by day, Istanbul looks more and more like a giant construction playground than a city whose history dates back 1500 years. With ever more narcissistic projects signed off by the bulldozer-happy Prime Minister Erdoğan, it is becoming increasingly hard to keep track of exactly what is going and what is...
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Turkey would be a poorer place...

By Cornucopia Blog | March 23, 2014

... for caricaturists! Unthinkable, of course, but eventually someone will have to go. Sooner or later. Will it happen in time to save the Belgrade Forest, the Bosphorus, any last precious corner of poor Istanbul? News came today that all the lovely old 1900s stations, large and small, are to be...
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Goodbye Berkin

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | March 13, 2014

Our hearts go out to Berkin Elvan’s family. Since Tuesday, the streets of Istanbul have been filled with people mourning his death: whether peacefully protesting or putting a carnation in water. Berkin’s funeral was yesterday. Thousands of people turned up to pay their respects. Police also joined in with gas...
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Painting the Black Sea black

By Cornucopia Blog | February 4, 2014

If the world press is to be believed, the Black Sea has become a cesspit of grubby speculation and political greed. Kiev speaks for itself. A horrendous nuclear power station project is steaming ahead on a well-known earthquake fault line on Turkey's Black Sea coast (the Japanese and Russians are...
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The year that was…

By Victoria Khroundina | December 30, 2013

With just a few days left of 2013, it’s time to look back on the year that was.  The year 2013 will be etched in history as the year of the Gezi protests. It all started with a tree, so to speak, in late May when a group of people...
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Gearing up for an icy winter

After a hot summer, the solidarity protests continue

By Victoria Khroundina | December 23, 2013

After weeks of preparations and permissions sought (and granted) from local municipalities, the day of the solidarity march was finally upon us. Yesterday (December 22) thousands of people came together in Kadıköy to protest the urban politics of the government. Environmentalists, archaeologists, historians, architects, ecologists, women’s movements, LGBT movements, human...
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Salvaging Istanbul’s remaining treasures

Solidarity march on December 22

By Victoria Khroundina | December 17, 2013

Enough is enough. This Sunday December 22 the people of Istanbul will ‘reclaim their city’. The brainchild of a number of organisations, movements and forums (some notable ones include Istanbul Urban Movements, Defence of the Northern Forests, Abbasağa Forum, Archaeologists’ Association Istanbul Branch, People’s Engineers and Architects, Istanbul Assembly for...
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Not so sacred gardens

By Victoria Khroundina | July 31, 2013

The Yedikule saga continues. Although there has hardly been a peep out of Turkish media this week, some international proponents are expressing their concerns – good, they need to be heard. I went to check out what has been happening to the Yedikule bostans since the construction trucks rolled in,...
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The art of protest

The Gezi Park resistance inspires art exhibitions around Istanbul

By Victoria Khroundina | July 22, 2013

The Cornucopia Blog has been following the Gezi resistance from a cultural perspective, and we have shown examples of how the movement has added meaning and beauty to some of the art, music and writing being created in the city. Elsewhere on this blog I have posted information about which...
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The writing on the walls

The threat to Istanbul’s oldest gardens

By John Scott | July 21, 2013

There has been little international reporting on Istanbul this week. No news not good news. The assault on Turkey’s heritage is unrelenting. One report that did come out concerned the city’s famous Theodosian land walls, which we reported on last week. The article, by the New Yorker writer Elif Batuman, is...
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Going out with a bang

Stop press: the unpublished last issue of NTVTarih

By Cornucopia Blog | July 13, 2013

The publishers of NTVTarih, the Turkish equivalent of the BBC History Magazine, pulled the plug on the magazine hours before the July issue was due to print two weeks ago. The staff promised to make amends, and we have learnt from the pages of Hürriyet Daily News that the most celebrated issue...
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P-P-Pick up a penguen

All quiet in the Arctic circle

By Cornucopia Blog | July 13, 2013

As T24, the independent online newspaper, reported this morning, Turkish journalists took to İstiklal Caddesi yesterday with that most seditious of slogans: 'Penguins are beautiful in the arctic!' – a reference to the nature documentaries that replaced the news last month. They hoped to give their birds an airing in...
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One park, two parties

High tables and low: the first iftar in Taksim

By Cornucopia Blog | July 10, 2013

Monday night saw dozens of members of Taksim Solidarity – that wicked band of senior militants (men and women, grey-haired academics and the like) – being wrestled into a police bus (rather more than wrestled in the case of one of them – it took four well-built men, one per...
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Heartbreak bostan

The ongoing destruction of Istanbul's cultural heritage

By John Scott | July 8, 2013

YEDİKULE YEDİKULE YEDİKULE!  Before reading this, fling open your window, fill your lungs with air and bellow 'Yedikule!' three times very fast. For anyone in earshot who ever called Istanbul home, it will bring a tear to the eye. Now sit down and brace yourself. This is yet another sad...
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The Long View

Taksim and the Nika Riots

By Cornucopia Blog | July 4, 2013

On July 4 Jonathan Freeland returned to 6th-century Constantinople in his BBC Radio 4 series, The Long View, to explore the context of recent events in Istanbul.  The parallels are uncanny, down to the unification of the Greens and the Blues of the Byzantine hippodrome and today's newfound solidarity between the rival fans of Istanbul's...
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Will the show go on?

Reactions from some of Istanbul's cultural institutions to the Gezi Park protests

By Victoria Khroundina | July 3, 2013

The Gezi Park resistance, which started in Istanbul on May 31 and pretty soon spread to every corner of Turkey, has had an impact not only on the issues at the heart of the protests themselves, but on many aspects of practical and cultural life. As we have posted elsewhere...
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