Letters to the Editor: Sir Edward Barton (c.1533–1597)

The honorable demise of Queen Elizabeth’s envoy

By Scholar Squirrel | January 22, 2016

In splendidly illustrating the disappearing beauties and remaining monuments of ‘Istanbul Unwrapped,’ the two most recent issues of Cornucopia’s timely and moving series have recalled how Edward Barton, Queen Elizabeth I’s second ambassador to the Porte, came to be buried on Heybeliada in 1598. A photograph of Barton’s tombstone, relocated...
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The real Black Russian

Letters to the Editor

By Cornucopia | December 4, 2015

The author Vladimir Alexandrov writes: I read with interest Thomas Roueché’s piece ‘Dancing Until Daybreak’ about Jazz-Age Istanbul in issue 51 of Cornucopia and am pleased that he cited my book, The Black Russian (and also reviewed it in issue 53).  However, I don’t think that the black man in...
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