Bird Island Farm… an inspiring lockdown

How peaceful it is living with 40 animals – much more so than it would be with 40 humans

By Kim Erkan | June 21, 2020

It’s midsummer's day and my daughter, Ceylan, and I have spent two and a half months at Bird Island Farm, the animal sanctuary founded on a hill above the Aegean town of Kuşadası by my grandson Alican’s wife, Chantal Özbaş. It is the kind of place you meet gentle souls...
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Finding a refuge on Bird Island Farm

By Kim Erkan | April 17, 2020

April 2020, Kuşadası: I was alone in Aydın when quarantine was announced. My family, concerned at my being alone, sent a driver to take me to Bird’s Island Farm, on the hills of Kuşadası, to stay wth my grandson, Alican Ozbaş, his wife, Chantal, their two small sons and my...
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