“Here but Where” at Galeri Non

By Cornucopia TR | January 5, 2011

Following the polemical rough-and-tumble of their recent Extrastruggle show, Galeri Non have come up with something a little more understated. "Here but Where" is a gentle, delicate show, with no apparent aim other than to make the viewer think more about what they see, and how they see it. The focus is on spaces - particularly liminal, non-spaces, hence the title - and how these can allow the viewer to avoid having to search for any kind of meaning to them. In plain English, this translates to a very beautiful show, which seems rather rare in the Istanbul scene. Photograper Uygur Yılmaz here presents two recent collections, "Untitled" and "Grass." The former is made up of images of popular beaches, rendered unfamiliar by being photographed at night or in the off-season, while the latter turns pictures of grass, which most people see every day, into a cosmic swirl simply by photographing it in close-up and in black and white. The ghostly beach chairs and swaying grasses, beyond making people think in such abstract terms, are also extremely beautiful; make sure to get down to Tophane before 18 January 2011 to see this interesting show. Boğazkesen Caddesi No.27/A, Tophane, Beyoğlu, Istanbul

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