Luminous LARTA

A feast of antique rugs and textiles in Battersea

By Cornucopia Connoisseur | January 24, 2024

There is something truly wonderful about the the London Antique Rugs and Textile Fair this year. It has slightly fewer exhibitors – 15 in all, which means some friends are missing – but it means their woven treasures can be seen from afar as well as close up, and have more room to breathe and their delights imbibed. Here are a few highlights that caught Cornucopia's eye on Day One, though everyone was busy so expect a constant change of wares. Cornucopia is thrilled to find itself once more hosted in the gods by a fantastic crowd of dealers and experts. We are at the top of the stairs, with a good stack of issues and new books, next to Hali Magazine, high above the crowds and lapdogs thronging the Decorative Antiques and Textiles Fair below. Open till Sunday. Tickets £10 from, entrance free after 4.

Spheres of influence: Central Asian art at Aaron Nejad, Larta's life and soul

Nomad abstraction

How to enchant worshippers: a woven panel from the back a 16th-century priest's gown, offered by Markus Voigt.

Modern construction, woven in India from Anatolia wool, designed by Gideon Hatch

French connection: Villa Rosemaine, Toulon, France



Participants: 20th Century Modern (London), Aaron Nejad (London), Ebi Shafagh Carpet Restoration Studio (London), Emily's House (London), Gideon Hatch (London), Hakimie Rug Gallery (Weybridge, Surrey), James Cohen (London), Jenny Hicks Beach (London), Markus Voight Textiles, Nomadic Rugs Gallery (London),  Oriental Rug Shop (Sheffield), Phil Bell Antique Oriental Rugs (Uppermill, Greater Manchester), Textile Antiques (Stansted Mountfitchet, Essex), The Rug and Carpet Studio (Long Melford, Suffolk), Villa Rosemaine (Toulon)

Watch this space for more sights and sounds in Battersea this year.

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