The 21st-century ney

The Wandering Ney, by Drake Mabry

By Lauren Davis | October 5, 2019

Two new albums of original compositions adapted for the ney have been released by musician Drake Mabry. Mabry studied under the famed neyzen and teacher İsmail Hakkı. The ney, a end-blown long reed flute, has a long history that spans at least 3000 years and is a traditional component of many Middle Eastern musical traditions.

For the album, Mabry aimed to expand the appeal and versatility of the ney in the contemporary music world. Composers from around the world were given a guide on composing for the ney and then invited to compose pieces in any style, which were then recorded on ney, kalimba and percussion by Mabry and fellow artists Marie-Anne Cécile Andurand and Igor Korneitchouk. The result is an emotional and creative exploration of the modern music scene through one of the world's oldest music traditions. The albums can be downloaded from Amazon, iTunes, and the [artist's website]( CDs will be available to purchase next month.

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