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Feodosiya and Eastern Crimea

Feodosiya turned from a mighty medieval port into fine fin-de-siecle resort. Genoese merchants, a millionaire painter and a symbolist poet all played a part in bringing fortune and fame to the eastern stretches of Crimea's south coast and its fertile hinterland. Beyond Feodosiya lie the wonders of the Kerch Peninsula, with its golden steppe, royal Scythian tombs, the Soviets' secret castle and the Sea of Azov's white sand beaches.
What you will see

Eastern Crimea is full of surprises, ranging from the pretty resort of Feodosiya to the great steppes north of Karasu Bazaar and east into the Kerch Peninsula


A quiet resort in a stunningly beautiful bay with the beautiful house-cum-studio of Maximilian Voloshin.

3Karasu Bazar

The middle of three prosperous Tatar market towns in the well-watered farming country between the steppe and the mountains, Ukrainian Bilohirsk is a sadly empty town after the migrations of the 1940s, but slowly returning to life.