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Robinson Crusoe Bookstore

Yeni Çarşı Cad 34A, Beyoğlu, Istanbul

One-minute walk from Galatasaray, ten minutes from Tünel and the İstiklal exit of the Şişhane metro. Coming by taxi, get out either at Galatasaray or Odakule in Tepebaşı.

A city institution, Robinson Crusoe’s tall bookshelves used to pull you in off the street next to the Dutch Consulate. They then moved to much more spacious quarters on the fourth floor of the cutting-edge arts centre SALT Beyoğlu (İstiklâl Cad No. 136), a little closer to Galatasaray. So loyal was the readership that customers volunteered to carry the stock across the street. With the closing of SALT Beyoğlu in late 2015, the shop relocated just opposite Galatasaray Lycée on Yeni Çarşı Cad.

A fantastic collection of English-language books on Turkey, as well as a very strong philosophy and fiction section. In late 2013, when the bookshop faced impending closure as the relentless construction and transformation in Beyoğlu has meant that rents and other expenses have skyrocketed, they launched a sales campaign with the slogan ‘Pay now, buy later’. Robkart cards in amounts of TL50 and up (maximum TL1,000) can be purchased and used to buy books at any time.

Robinson Crusoe also maintains a decent stock of Cornucopia back issues and rare issues can be ordered through them.

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