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A working fishing village with a fleet of giant Turkish Black Sea trawlers, the roar of whose engines shake the foundations of Bosphorus yalıs as they make their way to the Black Sea. Rumelikavağı also has a decent set of fish restaurants and good sandy beaches, which you pay a small sum to go into. Lovely out of hours (ie not at weekends). For a grand view, pause at Tellibaba shrine along the way. For a swim, walk a hundred yards beyond the village to Altınkum. Quite fun out of the highest season and perhaps the only sandy beach on the Bosphorus.

What you will see

Being a typical Black Sea village, Rumelikavağı is a thoroughly ramshackle place surrounding the bones of handsome late Ottoman fortifications.

Getting there

By bus from Sarıyer or the ring service connecting Rumelikavağı to Sarıyer and Anadolukavağı

Connoisseur’s Rumelikavağı

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