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South of the Sea of Marmara

Here we cover the region south of the Sea of Marmara stretching from Lake Sapanca and the Bay of Izmit to Çanakkale, on the southern shore of the Dardanelles. Bursa is main metropolis, but there are also two ski resorts, race horses and amazing bird migrations to take in, not to mention the great Karacabey panayir (country market) in May.

What you will see

Virginia Woolf’s Orlando disappears at one point in his/her strange life to become a shepherd in Bithynia. It is a curiously beautiful bit of country, neither here nor there: it isn’t quite Balkan, nor quite Aegean. But if ever you find yourself lying on your back on the grassy bank of a lake, contemplating spiraling pelicans and cumulus clouds, not a million miles from Issız Han (above, you will know you’ve arrived.

Getting there

Really best by car, but, assuming you are coming from Istanbul, you can the tedium by taking a boat. A high-speed ferry speeds you across the Marmara to Bandırma. A slow ferry takes you from Eskihisar, in the Bay of Izmit to Yalova.


Bursa was the Ottoman Empire's first serious capital. Green Bursa is now very grey, but baths and beauty can still be found.

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