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On the north side of the Sea of Maramara with ferries to the islands, this is a popular resort for Istanbulites. Hunt behind the modern town to find Sinan's Rüstem Paşa Camii and Bedesten, and the archeaological and ethnographical museum in the former Naval Club, which shows the long history of the town. The house of exiled Hungarian Prince Ferenc II Rakoczi, who arrived in Istanbul in 1717 and lived here until his death in 1735, is now a museum. In the hills between Tekirdağ and the resort town of Şarkoy, which has Turkey's longest beach, are some of the country's fine winelands (see wine tours). On the winding coast road between the two are the more attractive fishing villages of Mürefte and Uçmakdere, the Byzantine wine-producing town of Vidimo.

Getting there

Tekirdağ is 145km from Istanbul.