Constantinople and the Orientalists

By Semra Germaner and Zeynep Inankur
Published by IşBank
Out of Print

‘This beautiful and well researched book has now been reprinted and re-edited.’
Book Description

An imaginatively produced book of beautiful paintings by Western artists and Turkish artists who painted in the Western style. Interiors, street scenes, processions, portraits and panoramas capture the heart of the city in exquisite detail in the 18th and 19th centuries.

‘We are all orientalists now,’ wrote Victor Hugo in Les Orientales, a collection of poems from 1829. This book is an immensely attractive gathering of paintings of Ottoman Istanbul that fully restores the reputation of Orientalism. Originally in paperback, and now in hardback, the book is well produced, well designed and informative, with hundreds of beautiful illustrations, all clearly sourced, and a bewitching cover.

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