The Forgotten Kingdom

Archaeology and Photography at Ancient Alalakh

Dilek Barlas, Murat Akar, Hélène Maloigne, Rachael Sparks, Dominique Collon, Emily C. Arauz, K. Aslıhan Yener
Edited by Murat Akar, Hélène Maloigne
Translated by Azer Keskin, Sim İris Belik, Müge Bulu

Published by Koç University Press

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Book Description

The Forgotten Kingdom offers a comparative look at the history of archaeology, archaeological photography and the community landscape from the early twentieth to twenty-first centuries by presenting a selection of photographs from the excavations conducted at Tell Atchana, ancient Alalakh, both in the 1930-40s and the present day. The site is located along the major branch of the Orontes River in the Amuq Valley of Hatay, near present-day Antakya in southern Turkey. It is the largest Middle and Late Bronze Age settlement in the region and was the capital of the Kingdom of Mukish in the second millennium BC.

This book is published within the framework of the exhibition The Forgotten Kingdom: Archaeology and Photography at Ancient Alalakh held at Koç University’s Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations (ANAMED), Sept 13 – 7 Dec 7, 2014. Prof Yener, one of the authors, discusses the sacred landscape and influence of foreign cults in the BIAA’s 2017 Oliver Guerney Memorial Lecture in London.

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£22.50 / $28.07 / 159.42 TL

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