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Kemankeş Mah., Rıhtım Caddesi, Fransiz Geçidi No. 53/8, Karaköy, Istanbul

Tue–Fri: 12.00 noon – 00.00; Sat–Sun: 14.00–00.00

An elegant meyhane on Fransız Geçidi Caddesi in Karaköy. There are two menus: the lunch menu (available weekdays from 12.00–16.00) concentrates more on the classic Turkish kitchen; the dinner menu is in a more meyhane flavour (available weekdays 18.00–00.00, 14.00–00.00 on weekends) and includes a rakı list that boasts more than 30 options.

Bej on the same street is great for a glass of good wine.

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