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Skulduggery among the cedars

The story of one of Turkey’s rarest bulbs could be taken from the pages of a thriller. Andrew Byfield exposes the bulb smugglers’ dastardly deeds.

  • The freesia-scented Sternbergia candida.

First the good news. As recently as 1976, the late Oleg Polunin ( the prolific author of so many of the best Europen flower gudes) collected bulbs of a sternbergia – a daffodil relative – from a mountain in southwest Turkey.

When they flowered, a year or so later, at the Royal Botanic gardens, Kew, to everyone’s surprise they were discovered to be a completely new species. In a genus of wholly yellow-flowered species – all but one flowering in the autumn, as the first rains moisten the summer-droughted soils of the Mediterranean – here was a plant with pure white flowers, produced in late winter or early spring.

A formal description of the plant was drafted by Turkey’s Turhan Baytop and England’s Brian Mathew, and in 1979 Sterngergia candid was formally introduced to the world, in the pages of the Royal Horticultural Society’s journal The Garden.

Now for the bad news…..

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Issue 16, 1998 Beguiling Büyükada
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  • Ambassador Extraordinary

    Zeki Kuneralp was raised far from home on a farm in the Swiss Alps. He returned to become one of the century’s most venerated diplomats. David Barchard pays tribute.

    Even in later years, in spite of immense personal tragedy, he remained a fount of wisdom and good advice to a host of diplomats, ministers and journalists.

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Issue 16, 1998 Beguiling Büyükada
£50.00 / $64.69 / 2,133.20 TL
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