Cornucopia’s travel guide


In our guide, we have divided Turkey’s most populous city into five areas: the historic peninsula of the Old City, including the Golden Horn, Beyoğlu and the traditionally European quarter, the Bosphorus, the Princes Islands, and the new cities that cluster on both sides of the Bosphorous. As you explore, all manner of tips will be whispered in your virtual ear, from the best views and who to read when resting in the garden of the Topkapı. Enjoy Istanbul!


O/M Lying on both sides of the Bosphorus, the narrow strait between the Black Sea and the Marmara Sea, Istanbul bridges Asia and Europe.

1 Old City

Cornucopia celebrated its 50th issue with the first in a three-part portrait of Istanbul. The focus was the monuments of the Old City and the Golden Horn, both Ottoman and Byzantine.

2 The Golden Horn

The tide has turned on this famous inlet, once the hub of the city's commercial life. Now it is a pleasant backwater of gently crumbling hillside districts, with old palaces, city walls and shrines, celebrated in Cornucopia 50.

5 Greater Istanbul

Devouring scattered villages and leafy suburbs, Istanbul spreads for tens of miles along the Sea of Mamara and up both sides of the Bosphorus. Mini- Manhattans now rise from hilltops and march across coastal plains.

6 The Princes Islands

A curious archipelago adrift off the Asian shore, miraculously preserved so far, but oh so fragile. The Islands, as they are called, make a memorable out-of-season day out from the city.