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Mabeyn Gallery

Başmabeynci Köşkü, Nüzhetiye Caddesi No. 63, Beşiktaş

Mon–Sat: 10.00–19.00

Come for the art, stay for the venue. This fairly young gallery opened in late 2011 and is housed in the Başmabeynci Pavillion, a remarkable example of civil architecture from the early 20th century. The building was the former home of the last grand vizier during Sultan Abdülhamid II’s rule, Ali Rıza Pasha.

The entrance floor and the main room are decorated with murals and there are oil paintings on the wooden ceilings. Designed to display the grand vizier’s taste in art, the interior gives a glimpse into Abdülhamid II’s initial commissioning of Western artists. Now, the walls are covered with something just a little bit different.

Frequent month-long exhibitions are staged each season, mostly showcasing Turkish artists. The odd group show or collections exhibition is also curated. The gallery also participates in Contemporary Istanbul and the International Istanbul Art Fair each year.

The roster currently only has a handful of artists, which comprises the seasoned Adana-born painter Ertuğrul Ateş; the Istanbul-born artist Alev Gözonar, whose work is concerned with the composition of a whole via the repetition of parts; the Bulgarian-born artist Coşkun Sami; and the emerging artist Alper Bıçaklıoğlu.

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