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Petek Turşuları

Duduodaları Sokak No. 1D, Balıkpazarı, Galatasaray

Mon–Sun: 09.00–09.00

Owner Özgür Arı will let you sample the wares at this standout pickle shop located in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of the Balık Pazar. ‘We can make every food and vegetable in pickle,’ says Arı – and he’s not kidding.

The walls are lined with rainbow displays of jars and the wafts of pickling aromas pull you off the street. All the usual suspects are there – cucumbers, tomatoes, onions – but there are also more interesting choices such as okra, peppers and artichoke hearts. The fruit and vegetables on offer are seasonal – just like their fresh counterparts. Everything is pickled only in salt, with a little sugar and vinegar and if left unopened, the vacuum-sealed jars are said to last two years – or else you can pick your pickles one by one.

Berrin Torolsan writes about the humble pickle – a staple in Turkish cookery throughout the year – in Cornucopia 9.

Cornucopia 9

Jewels of the Fall

By Berrin Torolsan

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