Antiques (and not quite): the Üsküdar flea market

Monica's meanderings (cont.)

By Monica Fritz | December 10, 2017

Uskudar's flea market is one, or maybe even the last, of the bazaars in Istanbul where a bargain is still to be found. On a Saturday afternoon the empty shops and busier workshops have a sleepy atmosphere – a shopkeeper actually remembered me from when I bought my first furniture on arrival to Istanbul 20 odd years ago.

Mother-of-pearl inlaid hand mirror (Şamişi ayna)

Anatolian crib (beşik)

Curiosity shop, Üsküdar

Three floors of all sorts of antiques (and not), ranging from Beykoz glass to hamam sinks to Anatolian doors and silver from the old Pera Palace. Inlaid pearl pieces to delicate lace, Murano glass chandeliers, gold frames and vintage eye glasses…

Detail of a nest of French painted coffee tables, Üsküdar

The Üsküdar Antikacılar Carşısı is Bulgurlu Mescit Sokak 21 (behind the Yunis Emre Hastanesi)

Main picture: Restoring a tiled stove, Üsküdar flea market. All photographs by Monica Fritz


Monica Fritz is a freelance photographer based in Istanbul and Cornucopia's photographer-at-large. She also leads alternative tours of Istanbul. See and Lonely Planet Top Choice

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