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Bebek Balıkçısı

Bebek Mh., Cevdet Paşa Caddesi No. 26, Istanbul

A swish fish restaurant in Bebek that always draws a row of limos to the pavement outside. Pretty soon, there will be nothing but limos here with Bebek under threat from a ghastly new marina. Sorry, tekne park (boat park, ie floating car park) – marinas on the Bosphorus are illegal by international law.

The Bebek Balıkcısı (Bebek Fisherman) has a fair bit of competition and depends largely on loyal clients. On the same side of the street is the Bebek Hotel has another restaurant knee-high to the sea, the Les Ambassadeurs, where Russian dishes join classic Istanbul ones. Another hotspot popular after hours is Lucca across the road and for a more modest meal, try Kantin. For dessert, there’s and Divan or Badem Ezmesi for some marzipan.

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