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Wind in their sales: Contemporary Istanbul is back

By Monica Fritz | October 11, 2021

We came back from the Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair yesterday feeling tired and pleased, having spent a week immersed in art, hearing stories and new proposals, making new friends and meeting many new subscribers, seeing old friends and lots of catching up. It was great to feel Istanbul alive again and to see all the interest – thousands queued up everyday. Also, a lovely surprise was the venue, though hard to get to by car, the elegantly restored 15th-century shipyard on the Golden Horn made the event. The above photo is an installation by Rachel Hayes. 

Aksanat Gallery: paintings by Ben Wilikens, sculpture by Bernar Venet 

Anna Laudel Gallery: Ramazan Can 

Gallery 77: Vav Hakobyan  

Sanitorium - Luz Blanco 

Artcollection: Ilhan Koman 

Sıtkı Kösemen: Bodrum

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