Welcome to Hampstead’s careful lokanta

By Andrew Finkel and Monica Fritz | February 26, 2018

Turkish cuisine is enjoying a new wave of popularity in Britain but for the last decade residents of London’s Hampstead have been nurturing deep affection for a modest but careful ‘lokanta’ at the entrance to the Heath.

Zara takes its name after the small district in the eastern province of Sivas from where the owner, Hasan Demir, a former history teacher – once hailed.  ​He describes as ‘friends’ the regular clientele who indeed seem charmed by the warm, intimate atmosphere he has created as well as the good food.

A portrait of him, painted by his daughter hangs over the mantle place and beside it is a background text describing the Yol​ (road) ​from village to London’s famously leafy suburb. The journey has not been easy. Happily, we can take the Northern Line.

Photos: Monica Fritz

Zara Restaurant, 11 South End Road, Hampstead Heath, London NW3 2PT; +44 2077945498; zararestaurant.co.uk

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