Two Istanbuls

A recent edition by Izzet Keribar

By Monica Fritz | July 27, 2021

The National Geographic and award winner photographer Izzet Karibar has released his latest tribute to Istanbul, poetically documenting the city as it was before these last decades of great change.  Iki Istanbul is a playful glance at an Istanbul that hardly exists  anymore. Karibar opens a door into his vast archives of scenes from his early days: Photographs from the 50's and photographs from the 80's.

Balat's women 1983

Tophane 1953

All finely printed in a slightly high contrast black and white style, it's clear that they are taken by a local.

Kocamustafapaşa 1983

Born in Istanbul in 1936, Keribar has travelled the world and has an archives of half a million photos.

The old Büyük Valıde Han 1953

In 1956 Keribar did his military service in Korea and on his return, started a family, putting on hold his photography for a good 25 years.
Out again on the streets in the 80's again, Turkey seemed new to him and he documented it with much grace.

Iki Istanbul by Izzet Keribar, edited by Merih Akoğlu published by the T.C.Istanbul Valiliği 2020

Portrait by Monica Fritz

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