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Views from the Edge of Beyond

The Temporary Consul

Kashgar, a desert oasis at the foot of the Pamir Mountains, was pivotal in the struggle between Russia and Britain known as the ‘Great Game’. When the British consul there needed a holiday, the man sent to relieve him was Sir Percy Sykes, explorer, soldier, scholar and spy. Published here for the first time are the amazing photographs Sykes took during his tour of duty in 1915, when he travelled with his sister to the Pamirs and the Taklmakan Desert. Antony Wynn, his biographer, tells the story.

  • Kirghiz women dressed in wedding finery in front of their yurt. Some are wearing ikat dresses

… With eighteen pack ponies to carry their supplies, Sir Percy and his sister Ella set off across the fast-flowing Gez river up to Lake Bulangul and the country of the Kirghiz nomads, who welcomed them into their felt ak-oys (ak ev, or white houses), which were much warmer and more comfortable than their own camping tents. As they climbed, they changed their pack ponies for yaks and reached the 16,000-foot crest of the Katta Dawan Pass, with its spectacular view of the Great Karakul (Black Lake) on the Russian side. They visited Pamirski Post, the Russian military outpost at the head of the Murghab valley, which forms one of the headwaters of the Oxus. Even the bottoms of the valleys were 12,000 feet high – higher than most of the Alps. This was the home of the Ovis poli, the Marco Polo sheep, with its huge spreading horns, the most covted trophy of English sporting soldiers in India.

Antony Wynn is the author of ‘Persia in the Great Game’ and ‘Three Camels to Smyrna’

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Issue 36, 2006 A Beauty on the Bosphorus
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Issue 36, 2006 A Beauty on the Bosphorus
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