Cornucopia’s travel guide

The Golden Horn

Once it was the hub of commercial life, its shores lined with bustling quays and the biggest concentration of mosques, churches and synagogues in the city. But the tide turned on this famous Bosphorus inlet and it became a backwater lined with gently crumbling districts of old palaces, city walls and shrines, places to discover as you head for the great monuments on the hills.

What you will see

At the head of the inlet lies the venerated site of Eyüp, on the south shore Fener and the Greek Patriachate. Two new museums on the north shore and in Karaköy are surely signs of things to come. All around are the monuments of a frantic Dickensian world of industry, shipbuilding and commerce.

Getting there

Small ferries navigate the length of the Golden Horn, ziz-zagging from side to side from Eminönü and back down again. Hop on, hop off, or just sit back and enjoy the view!


Eyüp, at the top of the Golden Horn, is the most sacred Muslim site in Istanbul, and full of inspired architecture.