“The Relationship between Contemporary Art and Culture and Islam” - talk at the Kunsthalle Wien

By Cornucopia TR | January 27, 2011

(Feridun Zaimoğlu, The Third Turkish Siege of Vienna, 2005) Here's one for any Viennese Arts Diary followers. On 28 January, the Kunsthalle Wien will be hosting a 'kulturtalk' around contemporary art and culture and Islam, featuring Turkish-born poet and visual artist Feridun Zaimoğlu alongside artist Olaf Metzel, architect Golmar Kempinger-Khatibi...
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Islamic and Indian Art sale at Bonhams Knightsbridge

By Cornucopia TR | January 5, 2011

On 19 January, Bonhams will be holding an auction of Islamic and Indian art, including thirty lots of contemporary Middle Eastern and South Asian art, at their Knightsbridge branch. Covering a wide range of materials and cultures, ranging from eighth century Persia to modern-day India, via Mamluk Egypt, Ottoman Turkey...
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“Here but Where” at Galeri Non

By Cornucopia TR | January 5, 2011

Following the polemical rough-and-tumble of their recent Extrastruggle show, Galeri Non have come up with something a little more understated. "Here but Where" is a gentle, delicate show, with no apparent aim other than to make the viewer think more about what they see, and how they see it. The...
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