Istanbul’s art scene: a work in progress

By Victoria Khroundina | July 3, 2015

Earlier this year Kerimcan Güleryüz moved his gallery, The Empire Project, from its Sıraselviler Caddesi location in Taksim further down the road to Cihangir. The new gallery looked great when I visited, but I liked the Taksim space – in a beautiful, crumbling 19th-century building – just as much. When...
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The fatal Orientalist

How the East turned the mind of the painter Richard Dadd

By Tim Cornwell | June 30, 2015

In 1842 the gifted young British artist Richard Dadd embarked on a 10-month journey across Europe to the Ottoman lands of the Orient. As a draughtsman and travelling companion to a Welsh gentleman tourist, he joined what would become a horseback marathon. The two men travelled through France, Italy and...
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Born to drum

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | June 24, 2015

On Friday (June 26), we will be launching Cornucopia’s associate editor and music journalist Tony Barrell’s new book Born to Drum: The Truth About the World's Greatest Drummers (HarperCollins). Clem Burke of Blondie describes it as an ‘engaging journey into the wild and wonderful world of drumming’. Interviews range from Phil...
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Garden of woven delights

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | June 23, 2015

Inspiring design motifs abound at the Halı Gallery at Olympia Art & Antiques Fair. James Cohen Antique Carpets presents this magnificent silk Bukhara suzani on Stand 44. Price on request. James’ assistant Ekaterina Ivanova adds a further layer of beauty with her embroidery-inspired silk-print blouse. Photo by Julie Witford. 
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Gallery walkabout: Beyoğlu

The final stroll

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | June 23, 2015

For our last gallery walk of the season, we visit some scintillating shows in young and veteran galleries and museums in the heart of the European city, Beyoğlu. Although many galleries are closing for the summer, quite a few will remain open, offering a wide range of exhibitions and events...
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Stories from Olympia

How to show off your Grayson Perry tapestry

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | June 22, 2015

Our neighbour at HALI at Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair, the carpet designer Gideon Hatch, was commissioned last year to create a carpet to go with a client’s recently acquired tapestry by Grayson Perry – the magnificent ‘Map of Truths and Beliefs’ (and if you haven’t yet seen the Grayson...
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Soaring high at Olympia

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | June 21, 2015

The first weekend of HALI at Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair was off to a good start. Robert Chenciner (author of a memorable article in Cornucopia 28, ‘The Peoples that Time Forgot’), gave a characteristically vivid account yesterday afternoon of eagle motifs in North Caucasian – and particularly Dagestani –...
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The caravan is back

HALI’s return to Olympia

By Cornucopia | June 19, 2015

Very good to be trotting back to London’s HALI Fair. Well not quite the HALI Fair yet, but HALI at the Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair, a good start after 10 years’ absence, even if not quite the awesome cavernous hall of carpet fame of the early 2000s. Olympia’s...

This social commentary will have you in stitches

‘Grayson Perry: Small Differences’ at the Pera Museum

By Victoria Khroundina | June 18, 2015

Bravo, Pera Museum. An exhibition of the powerhouse contemporary artist and 2003 Turner Prize winner Grayson Perry in Turkey is long overdue. But Perry fans, the wait is over. The Pera Museum has staged a thoughtful, eclectic and thoroughly fun exhibition that is a pleasure for contemporary art junkies and...
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Gallery walkabout: Tophane to Cihangir

By THE CORNUCOPIA BLOG | June 15, 2015

This week, we take a walk from Tophane to Cihangir, visiting some very diverse group and solo shows. Some of the works in Soazic Guezennec’s ‘Happy Owners’ show SOAZIC GUEZENNEC’S HAPPY OWNERS Let’s start on Meclis-i Mebusan Caddesi, to the east of the Tophane tram stop, where Studio-X at No...

Young architects wow Istanbullus and visitors with a new installation

‘All That is Solid’ opens at the Istanbul Modern courtyard

By Victoria Khroundina | June 12, 2015

Earlier this week, Istanbul Modern’s Young Architects Programme (YAP) unveiled an incredible new work by its 2014–15 finalists. The setting up of the temporary structure ‘All That is Solid’ was finished on Wednesday – and it was worth the wait. The installation is wonderfully bright, colourful, majestic, a delight for...
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From requiem to serenade?

The Bosphorus can, and must, be saved…


It was with angst that we awaited the elections. For those who care about the environment and heritage (and read Cornucopia 52), the future of the Bosphorus was disappearing on a Yeniköy–Beykoz dolmuş motor into a fog of hopelessness. A long, dark winter of unchecked development seemed inevitable, and there...

Gallery walkabout: Karaköy to Galatasaray


Over the next few weeks, as we round off our gallery walks before the summer break, we take you on a number of walks in the art hubs of Karaköy, Tophane and Beyoğlu. This week, we have two new additions and a concentration of exhibitions showing photography as well as...
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Beauty simply is

By Tim Cornwell | June 5, 2015

Defining Beauty, the British Museum’s memorable exploration of the body in ancient Greek art, runs until July 5. With 150 objects, including six of the BM’s own Parthenon pieces in magnificent close up, as well as rich Greek and Roman sculpture, and extraordinary Greek vases, it is a thought-provoking essay...

News for arts practitioners

Open call for American Turkish Society grants


The American Turkish Society (ATS) is now accepting submissions for two excellent funding opportunities/awards for artists/those working in the arts. Young photographers can apply for the 2015 Young Photographers Award before the end of this month. The Award has been given annually since 2010 by Haluk Soykan, who funds the...
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Number games in Nancy

Izmir’s pioneering Merdiven Project and conquering the fear of mathematics

By Cornucopia | June 4, 2015

The International conference Science & You 2015 is a gathering of 1,000 scholars, researchers and science communicators from 50 countries, hosted this year by the French city of Nancy, and organised by Unesco, Euroscience and the Université de Lorraine. Cornucopia is proud to be sponsoring the participation of Nurten Alpaslan’s truly...

Gallery walkabout: Beşiktaş

Affordable art


We are in Beşiktaş for our gallery walk this week, where an even mix of group and solo shows display (mostly) mixed-media works. There’s also a concentration on affordable art this week, so if you want to pick up something without breaking the bank, this is the walk to go...

A master observer

Mehmet Güleryüz’s ‘Painter and Painting’ exhibition at the Istanbul Modern

By Victoria Khroundina | May 29, 2015

Istanbul Modern’s partial retrospective of one of Turkey’s greatest modern artists is as bold as the man himself. Works comprising paintings, sketches, sculptures and ceramics from the past 50-odd years are displayed, together building an exhaustive picture of Mehmet Güleryüz’s stellar career and true talent. The museum’s director, Levent Çalıkoğlu,...
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An extraordinary portfolio

By Julie Witford | May 27, 2015

At HALI at the Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair – taking place between June 18 and 28 – Cornucopia will unveil an extraordinary ethnographical portfolio published by Annette and Volker Rautenstengel. Following their in-depth studies of Central Asian nomadic textiles, the Rautenstengels, with the help of Peter Alford Andrews (recipient of...
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Gallery walkabout: Nişantaşı

Flora and fauna


We are in fashionable Nişantaşı for a gallery walk spanning mostly solo shows, with a concentration on works concerned with nature, animals and – more unusually – mathematics. This will be the last show for most galleries before they shut up shop for the summer. Duygu Süzen, ‘There and back’,...
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