Mongolians on the marches

By Julie Witford | August 7, 2013

The Central Orchestra of the General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces had a day trip to Hawick today to see where a lot of the cashmere from their 30 million goats ends up. 

Here a young Mongolian woman poses on top of the broad shoulders of the athletic Borderer, William of Rule, ancestor of the Turnbull clan. The camp followers included throat singers and acrobats.

Seen here serenading in front of Cornucopia's Hawick office, the Mongolian military band will be taking part every evening in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo (9pm, August 2 – 24).

Cornucopia presented the band-master with a copy of one of its rarest issues, Cornucopia 37, featuring the Glories of Genghis Khan.

See the ITV report.

Photographs by Julie Witford

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