Issue 8, 1995

A Turkish Summer

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Wisps of elegance, celebrating Turkish summer fashion. Entering an orangery on the Bosphorus: inside the beautiful Kıbrıslı yalı. Set off on an Aegean odyssey: to the south-west, sailing in the wake of Herodotus; dropping in on a Kuşadası garden; and hunting for undiscovered secrets in the Bazaar, and keeping company with Yunus Emre, poet of the plains. Delicious recipes for cooking with yoghurt


  • Inside the Grand Bazaar

    Over the centuries, Istanbul’s Grand bazaar has acquired a justly legendary reputation as one of the most famous shopping emporiums in the world. Amicia de Moubray guides us through the maze. Photographs by Simon Upton

  • Youth Culture

    In the Anatolian highlands nomads still collect ant eggs, using them crushed as a yoghurt culture. Shepherds in the caucasus use a herb, while in the Taurus Mountains they curdle the goat’s milk with a fig branch.
    More cookery features

  • The Vizier’s Retreat: The Kıbrıslı Yalı

    The Kibrisli Yali is one of the largest old summerhouses to survive on the Bosphorus. Its rambling architecture mirrors the fluctuating fortumes of the statesman who gave the house its name, and his colourful heirs. By Patricia Daunt with photographs by Jerome Darblay and Simon Upton.

Inside the issue

Travel features

  1. Floating Boaters
    Aegean gulet cruises
  2. An Aegean Odyssey
    Exploring Turkey's south-west coast
    and its hinterland
  3. Poems of the Plains
    In search of the spirit of Yunus Emre
  4. In the Wake of Herodotus
    Sailing the southern shore


  1. The Vizier’s Retreat
    The Bosphorus summerhouse
    of Kıbrıslı Mehmet Emin Pasha
    [extract available online]


  1. Shades of Green
    Kuşadası gardens

Arts & Crafts

  1. Inside the Grand Bazaar
    Art and artisans, food and spices


  1. Youth Culture
    Cooking with yoghurt

Issues of the Day

  1. Customs Union
    The Istanbul Stock Exchange
    and real estate values, by Andrew Finkel
  2. The Green Guide
    Golfing in Turkey,
    by Alice Carswell


  1. Connoisseur
    The World of Turkish Art: an international viewers guide, by Philippa Scott
  2. The Arts in Turkey
    The fate of Yıldız Park
  3. Plus: Filiz Ali on Istanbul's Music festival,
    and Çatalhöyük revisited

Book Reviews

  1. History Without Heroes
    Turkey: A Modern History, by Erik J Zürchner. Reviewed by David Barchard
  2. A Busy Archimandrite
    Early Medieval Monasteries in Historic Tao, Klarjeti and Şaşveti, by Wachtang Djobadze. Reviewed by John Freely
  3. In Search of an Old Hat
    A Fez of the Heart, by Jeremy Seal.
    Reviewed by Christopher Ferrard


  1. Summer Finds
    Unwrapping the liveliest designs
    in furnishings and fashion


  1. The New School of Dinners
    Smart new dining, by Andrew Finkel
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Issue 8, 1995
£300.00 / $374.14 / 2,123.96 TL
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