Issue 15, 1998

Mountain Secrets

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Anthony Bryer lifts the veil on Ottoman Athos, with 24 pages on the Holy Mountain, the men, the masters and their monasteries, in the Ottoman period. We discover yachts and yurts, the vibrant wild primulas of Anatolia, then head off on the trail of the elusive Caspian snowcock, discovering Catherine the Great’s lakeside Ottoman bath. Plus the imperial vegetable: the glorious globe artichoke


  • The Holy Mountain

    Ottoman Athos unveiled: an unprecedented portrait of the glorious backdrop to a thousand years of unworldly devotion and Byzantine intrigue, By Anthony Bryer, with photographs by Graham Speake

  • Some corner of a foreign land

    On the Great Lake of the Catherine Palace at Tsarskoye Selo, outside St Petersburg, stands this peaceful Turkish bath, an ironic legacy of a century of intermittent warfare

  • The Primrose Path

    In the garden we may take them for granted, but in the wild, their colours make the heart sing. Andrew Byfield celebrates the vibrant beauty of Turkey’s primulas.

  • The Noble Heart

    A glorious thistle, the globe artichoke merits better than the usual simple boiling, especially if it is the giant Turkish globe, with its huge mouth-watering centre. Berrin Torolsan reveals how to do it justice

  • Home is where the yurt is

    Out of sight of the sea, high above Göcek Marina at Huzur Yadisi, another green peace prevails. In a hidden valley, Richard Tredennick-Titchen found an encampment of yurts that dramatically changed his life.

  • Four men and a snowcock

    One of Turkey’s finest birds is the grouse-like Caspian snowcock. To find it takes some organising, for it lives way above the summer pastures in remote areas such as the Aladaglar, the highest part of the Taurus Mountains.

Inside the issue


  1. Connoisseur
    A viewer’s guide to sale rooms and galleries,
    by Philippa Scott
  2. Diary
    Norman Stone in Ankara, Andrew Finkel in Istanbul and Azize Ethem in Marmaris
  3. Exhibitions
    Marianne Angersbach, by John Ash
  4. Performing Arts
    A guide to the Istanbul festivals,
    by Elizabeth Meath Baker
  5. Eating Out
    High and low tables in Istanbul,
    by Andrew Finkel and Christopher Ryan

Book Reviews

  1. Academic Overtures
    Top Hat, Grey Wolf and Crescent, by Hugh Poulton.
    The Veiling Issue, Official Secularism and Popular Islam in Modern Turkey, by Elisabeth Özdalga.
    Reluctant Neighbour: Turkey's Role in the Middle East, edited by Henri J Barkey.
    The Well-Protected Domains: Ideology and the Legitimation of Power in the Ottoman Empire 1876–1909, by Selim Deringil.
    Reviewed by David Barchard
  2. A Birds-eye View
    Important Bird Areas in Turkey,
    by Gernant Magnin and Murat Yarar.
    Reviewed by Guy Kirwin
  3. The Wild, Wild East
    Salman the Solitary, by Yashar Kemal.
    Reviewed by Maureen Freely
  4. Flowering Anew
    Greek Wild Flowers and Plant Lore in Ancient Greece, by Helmut Baumann.
    Reviewed by David Moray
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Issue 15, 1998
£12.00 / $15.03 / 85.92 TL
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